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Justice &

This section provides information for first responders, criminal justice investigators, child advocates, judges, and prosecutors of cases of abuse and neglect against children with disabilities.

Educators, &

This section of the Promoting Justice website provides information for families/caregivers, educators, and disability service providers about recognizing and responding to abuse.

Tutores, &

Esta sección sobre la Promoción de la Justicia en la página web proporciona información para padres, tutores, y cuidadores para reconocer y responder al abuso.

Children at the Margins

Culture is much broader than the color of a person’s skin, whether or not they or their child have a disability, what country they are from, or what religion they practice. It also includes...
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Get Help

All adults in Texas are legally required to report any suspected child abuse, neglect, or exploitation. In an emergency, or if the child is in danger, always call 911 or your local law enforcement agency.
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Rural Communities & More

Roll Call Training Series: Child Victims with Disabilities
Watch five brief video training sessions for first responders, law enforcement, child protective services, and other professionals working with child victims with disabilities.

A Latino policeman questions an elementary aged Latino boy, his hand on his shoulder, while the Mom watches in the background.

Parent Action Guide

A Black/African-American mom stands with her daughter with a disability.

All Kids SAFE App

The All Kids SAFE digital app is for investigators and advocates working with child victims who have disabilities or who are Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, or hard of hearing. Click here for instructions.

Support for Healing

The tips on these six cards can help you support youth and adult family members, friends, loved ones, and others with disabilities who have survived abuse or sexual assault.
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