Justice Revisited: Take a Tour of our Refreshed Website

By Dianne King

Welcome to SAFE’s refreshed Promoting Justice website. In addition to continuing to provide a wealth of information for anyone living or working with child victims with disabilities, we’ve added new sections, updated content, and improved the site’s navigation. New material includes:

Roll Call Trainings: Five brief training videos for first responders and investigators on working with child victims with disabilities. Each video can be viewed in 15-18 minutes. Topics include: Introduction to working with child victims, Disability and Abuse 101, Power and Control, Children and Trauma, and Responding to Distress.

An Action Guide for Parents and Guardians is a first-step resource for parents who know or suspect that their child with a disability has been physically or sexually abused. This step-by-step guide includes initial dos and don’ts and provides information and resources about who to call and what might happen next.

Children with Disabilities on the Margins. Children with disabilities who are also members of other marginalized communities are at even higher risk for abuse. This section provides information and resources about how to begin challenging our own misperceptions and fears about people who differ from us, and insights for working with children and families who have been excluded from mainstream social, economic, educational, and/or cultural life.

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