Learning to Recognize & Respond to Abuse

Child Abuse Curriculum for Residential Staff and Foster Parents

Sometimes, shielding children with disabilities from community life can actually increase their risk for abuse. That’s because abuse happens behind closed doors.

The more adults who are in regular contact with a child, the greater the chance someone will notice any changes in behavior. These changes sometimes are the only sign of abuse or neglect.

All Children Safe at Home is a free training curriculum to train foster families, residential staff and others who spend significant amount of time with children with disabilities. The training provides information about recognizing and responding to abuse, and planning for the safety of children with disabilities.

What it Includes

The resource includes a Facilitator’s Guide with handouts in English and Spanish, evaluation materials, a PowerPoint presentation with detailed notes for trainers, and online fact sheets.

The curriculum’s three modules can be presented in one day or as three stand-alone trainings of 1-3 hours each, depending on training needs.

All Children Safe at Home was developed by SAFE, the merger of Austin Children’s Shelter and SafePlace in Austin, Texas. It was funded by the Texas Center for the Judiciary through a Children’s Justice Act grant.

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